Gallery of Ghouls
Gallery of Ghouls
Docteur: Quatrième Docteur
Compagnons: Romana II
Lieux: Brighton

Détails sur la production

Auteur: Alan Barnes
Réalisateur: Ken Bentley
Producteur: Big Finish Productions

Détails de publication

N° de série: 5.05
Publication: 10 mai 2016
Format: 2 parties sur 1 CD
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-78178-735-9
The Fourth Doctor Adventures
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Legacy of Death The Trouble with Drax

Gallery of Ghouls est le cinquième épisode de la saison 5 de la série audio The Fourth Doctor Adventures produite par Big Finish Productions.

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When the TARDIS lands in Brighton the Doctor and Romana have the chance to spend some time at the seaside. But with it being too early for the opening of the Pavilion, they have to look elsewhere for their entertainment — perhaps Madame Tissot's travelling waxworks, recently arrived in town?

But they're not the only ones interested in her Exposition. When an unusual thief commits an unusual theft, the time travellers are on the case.

What exactly is the sinister secret of Goole's Gallery? Is Tissot's heading for a meltdown? And what does it all have to do with the head of Marie Antoinette?

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